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SiteGuard anti-fall through guard

The purpose of a SiteGuard safety guard is to prevent a person from falling through a natural ventilator. SiteGuard is suitable both for new installations and for retrofits. It has been exhaustively third party tested to the latest regulations.

Product information

Features and benefits

Reliable safety - Thanks to its sophisticated lattice structure, SiteGuard can absorb the high forces placed on it by a person falling onto it due to its special design. Should a person fall onto the guard, the forces generated are absorbed by it and they are not transferred onto the building structure.

Third party tested - SiteGuard has been tested in accordance with the GS-Bau 18 standard. GS Bau is one of the main professional associations which tests building elements for their ability to prevent people from falling through such elements. The testing regime includes the examination and assessment of the sustainability of components and glazing.

Exceeds current regulations - GS- Bau 18 requires a successful dissipation of ≤ 300 joules of energy. SiteGuard has undergone tests to 600 joules in accordance with GS-Bau-18. As a result there is a safety factor of 2 which takes care of the tolerances of the materials used.

Several different installation options - Its low weight and its fixing system enable it to be easily installed.

Fits all Colt smoke ventilators

Aerodynamic performance is unaffected - It has been proven that fitting a SiteGuard into a ventilator throat has no negative impact on the aerodynamic performance of the natural ventilator installed above it, thus there is no loss of EN 12101-2 certification.

We are at your service

We provide a pre-order design service. We also offer complete project management, installation, wiring and commissioning, which means that we take complete responsibility to ensure that the product is in full working order within one package of works.

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation or servicing of this product.



The SiteGuard safety guard has been developed to prevent a person from falling through a natural ventilator. SiteGuard is suitable both for new installations and for retrofits. It has been exhaustively third party tested to the latest regulations.

Materials used

Galvanised steel alloy as standard. It can be polyester powder coating if required.

Dimensions/ size range

A single SiteGuard sheet is available in any dimension between 1000mm and 2500mm in width and 620 mm x 1350mm in length in one millimetre increments. More than one sheet can be fitted to cover the complete opening if the ventilator is large.

Fixing options

  • Installed within an upstand
  • Installed onto an upstand
  • Installed onto an insulated channel for a rooflight
  • Installed onto an insulated channel and upstand for a rooflight



300 joule variant tested and able to withstand a load of 600 joules.

1200 joule variant tested for resistance to falling in accordance with EN 1873: 2014 and EN 14963 and can withstand a load of 1200  joules.

Compliance / testing

Externally tested and certified to GS- Bau 18 / EN 12101-2.

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