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Universal Louvre Roof Turrets

Colt Universal Louvre Roof Turrets are available in a wide range of standard sizes in single bank or double bank configurations. Roof Turrets are also available in a complete range of finishes and materials from standard mill finish and polyester powder paint finish to anodised and stainless steel.

Features and benefits

Highly aerodynamically efficient – this reduces air resistance, allowing the plant to be minimised thereby saving running costs.

Enhanced rain defence performance – The 2UL version has a remarkably high resistance to weather.

Durable and maintenance free – UL Roof Turrets are completely made from corrosion resistant materials.

Easy to install – UL Roof Turrets can either be delivered to site pre-assembled or as a kit of parts.

A wide range of options - UL Roof Turrets are available in various shapes, configurations, materials, finishes and coatings to meet the requirements of almost any project.

The louvres can be extruded or roll-formed, and either mill finish, polyester powder painted or anodised.

If noise reduction is required, acoustic louvre panels may be used.

UL Roof Turrets can incorporate insect and bird guards.

There is an internal thermally broken damper option.

We are at your service

We provide a pre-order design service. We also offer complete project management, installation, wiring and commissioning, which means that we take complete responsibility to ensure that the product is in full working order within one package of works.

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation or servicing of this product.

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