• Coltair air handling system

Coltair industrial air handling system

The Coltair industrial air handling system brings fresh outdoor air through the roof or the facade of the building. Internal air can be mixed with this outdoor air or it can be completely re-circulated, or fresh air introduced to the working area below.

Where heating is required, the supply air is reheated by an additional heating coil. Where cooling is required, this is normally achieved by combining it with a Colt Coolstream evaporative cooling system.

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Product information

Features and benefits

  • Decentralised system for localised cooling and heating.
  • Designed for combining with a Colt CoolStream evaporative cooling system to provide cooling.
  • Configured from an extensive range of modular components in three sizes to suit any installation.
  • Can provide supply fresh air as well as extract stale air or fumes. If an optional heat reclaim unit is installed, this can lead to high efficiencies.
  • Designed for industrial applications: robust, reliable and durable – principal parts made from aluminium.


The system is available in three standard sizes:

                              Ducting (mm)                                                

  • Size 05         520 x 520                                                       
  • Size 07         750 x 750                                                       
  • Size 09         900 x 900                                                       

It can be extended or retrofitted at any time after installation. The modular components include roof or wall inlet assemblies, various lengths and configurations of ducting, air recirculation units, filter modules (up to F9 class), hot water heater batteries, various kinds of sound attenuators, axial or centrifugal AC or high energy efficiency EC fans, and various kinds of air projectors.

We are at your service

We provide a pre-order design service. We also offer complete project management, installation, wiring and commissioning, which means that we take complete responsibility to ensure that the product is in full working order within one package of works.

Please contact us for more information relating to the application, specification, installation or servicing of this product.



A flexible, high capacity air handling system which is ideal for localised cooling, heating and heat recovery, as well as for general comfort control in industrial and commercial applications. Coltair is configured from an extensive range of modular components to suit each installation.


Coltair standard components include:

  • Roof and wall cowls for intake or exhaust
  • CoolStream section for evaporative cooling
  • Fixing flange for facade cowl
  • Air mixing / re-circulation chamber
  • Filter up to class 9
  • Hot water heater battery
  • Acoustic baffles
  • Axial or centrifugal fan section, 230V or 400V, AC or high-efficiency EC fan
  • Different standard ducting types (straight, corners, T-pieces, etc.) and lengths of extension ducting
  • Transition and distribution channels



Type Duct (mm) Active components (mm) Volume flow (m³/s)
Size 05 520 x 520 800 x 800 1.4 +
Size 07 750 x 750 1020 x 1020 2.8 +
Size 09 900 x 900 1315 x 1315 4.2 +
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